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Social Media Wall

I’m not sure what led me to this MIT Connect – Social Media site, but it looked interesting.  After I looked at it, I thought, “I wonder if someone has developed a WordPress plugin that could do this.”

Pretty quickly, I found a couple of WP plugins:


Social Stream


I have often wanted to embed, via iframe, a WordPress page within an CMS, LMS or portal page (Canvas, Ingeniux, LookingGlass) to take advantage of someone’s coding without having to recreate it outside of WP.  I think I’ve found something like the following before, but the result must not have been as successful.

How to create a WordPress page without header, menu, sidebar and footer?

I copied the PHP coding found at the above link and pasted it into a Notepad ++ page, saving it as suggested.  I then used some Terminal program to login to our WordPress application on a Linux system.  I transferred the PHP file into the root folder of one of our themes and then went to create a new page, using that theme.  Sure enough, there was a “Clean Page” option in the drop down for Page Templates.  The page displayed perfectly, with no header, sidebars or footer, just the application that was embedded.

Here is the result of the WP page being displayed in an Ingeniux page via an iframe:


The same displayed in a LookingGlass Portal Channel:

I also tried this using Mobirise to create a page and it looked great there also.

I have only played with adding Twitter, RSS feeds, and YouTube.  I’m not sure this would be easy, or that sometimes changes on the media source won’t break the various social media streams being displayed in these programs.


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