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Viewing Old Stereograms with My Hasbro MY3D Viewer

It just gets better!

I was thinking that I might have to get some “converter” app so that I could view old stereograms on my phone using my MY3D viewer, but  I didn’t have to do anything to the scanned images.  I just opened the image on my phone, placed the phone in the MY3D, and it works great.


[Download the above stereogram to your phone: ]


Here is another photo (not a stereogram) of the same room and you can make out distinctive items from both images.


It is amazing how the mind works.  The items in the images appear “flat” but they have a sense of depth which does provide added life to the photos.  Amazing that images taken more than a 100 years ago appear so remarkable.  There are some amazing images taken from the Spanish-American War 1898 at the above Boston Flickr site.

google-cardboard-glassesWhereas the Hasbro MY3D Viewer works perfectly well with displaying stereographs (and it is easy to use your finger to move between slides from the holes on the bottom of the viewer), this Google Cardboard viewer does not display the stereoscopic images well.  A large portion of the displayed image is distorted.  There is also no easy way to move from one image to the other.


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