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Cardboard Camera Turned Inwards?

Okay, I don’t know that this would work with the Google Cardboard Camera software, but it would be worth a try…

Could you use this same software to capture a 360 degrees view of an object (e.g. cup, doll, statue, etc.)?  Place the camera at the outside of a Lazy Susan facing inwards.  Then place a stationary object in the middle of the Lazy Susan, and start the image capture, rotating the Lazy Susan and camera around the object 360 degrees.  *The software is already aware of the camera rotating 360 degrees, facing outwards.  Shouldn’t it be just as aware if the camera was facing inwards?  After all 360 degrees is 360 degrees.

I think the logic works.  Now we just have to find if it works in the real world;-)


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