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Google Cardboard & Cardboard Camera

I tried out the Google Cardboard app, without the glasses, on my Samsung Galaxy SIII (Android) phone.

Addendum [09/22/16]:  Just found this.

I then installed the Google Cardboard Camera app and created a view of our Cook Training Lab.  I tried unsuccessfully to create the 3D image just holding the phone and moving around slowly, but it failed twice.  I then brought out the old camera tripod and walked it around and made the image below.  Pulling this into the Google Cardboard app displays a 360 degrees view of the lab.  *I didn’t record any narration, but the app allows for this.  IMG_20160119_093937.vrI’ve also just ordered a pair of Google Cardboard glasses from which should be here by Friday.


The Google Cardboard glasses arrived.  Pretty much of a disappointment.  The piece that Screenshot_2016-02-17-09-20-39fits over the nose cuts into the skin uncomfortably.  The image did not display well on the large lenses.  I fiddled a few minutes with it and have since left it alone.

ADDENDUM [02/17/16]:  Got back to this last night.  I am using a Samsung Galaxy S III Android phone.  During Cardboard app setup you are asked to scan a QR code from the glasses and that will determine the viewer type.  Apparently, there is a problem (with some S IIIs) that cause the image displayed on the phone to be small and at the bottom.

mbcr9kfSomeone had modified some of these settings and provided a QR image to switch to the alternate viewer with these mods.  This moved the image to the center (bottom-cenScreenshot_2016-02-17-09-17-29ter-top) and made some other mods I am not quite sure of, yet.  But, these changes made the viewer usable.  The clarity of the projected image isn’t great, but it is close to a poor Vue-Master rendering.  *I am thinking that a 3D printer and some creativity could take these viewers in a differentqalbw9ysyp0bl8k9fbyz direction.2-17-2016 9-58-06 AM

You could go here, Google Cardboard Viewer Profile Generator , and play with some of the settings to see if you can make a better viewer.

If anyone else is still stuck with a Galaxy S3 (like me) and Google Cardboard displays way too small to be functional, I finally found out how to get it to work properly.

How about putting play dough over the nose piece to make it more comfortable?  How about using a 3D printer to create a nose guard that can be attached to the Cardboard Goggles?


IMG_20160216_134529.vrA comment on the above VR image:  I am surprised that my image is not blurry.  How did it take into account that my slightly moving arms & head, and blinking eyes should not be included in the final image?


Above is the phone on the camera tripod.

ADDENDUM ADDENDUM [02/23/16]:  How could I go so long and fail to show you the ultimate effect of Google Cardboard Glasses?



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