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Video Teleprompter Lite by Joe Allen

A couple of years ago I had come across a video recording teleprompter (VRT2) app that worked pretty well on my iPad.  But, after a short time, the company disappeared, and I did not see the product reappear.  As I recall, the product had some glitches, but nothing that couldn’t have been worked out with time & effort.  The one thing I do recall is that the text was displayed across the entire screen (with the video that was being recorded in the background), and this meant that it was obvious you were reading from a script (by following your eye movement).

A short time ago someone asked if I had seen the Video Teleprompter from Joe Allen.  I didn’t have the time, at the time, to go look at it, but took a look at it this morning.


You might think that having the text scrolling window so narrow would be a negative, but there is method to the madness.  Focusing your eyes on the brown highlighted area on the left of the screen to read your text puts the focus of your eyes close to the camera lens… so you do look like you are speaking to the camera, and not just reading.

Here is a brief example of a video recording I did earlier this morning.

Okay, so I have my bifocals on, and you note the tilt of my head backwards in order to read the text clearly.  Still, it is pretty close to “talking to the camera.”


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