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Raspberry Pi, Ubuntu & Python

Raspberry-Pi-LogoI am not planning on writing in detail here, but just adding a reminder of how well these tools work together when you are wanting to learn Python.

 There are currently two versions of Python (2.x and 3.x) and eventually 2.x is going away (supposedly), but those that have created their

programs in 2.x probably don’t want to put in the time to recreate their apps in version 3.x.

I don’t recall which OS version I used for my Pi, but it was one of the standards that I burned to a Micro SD card.  This OS has the two versions of Python already installed, so I can work through the Python programming basics using my Raspberry Pi.python-logo-large

I also have Ubuntu 14.x on an old laptop at my office.  This has Python 2.x on it, so I can work on learning Python at the office also.

Dr. Charles “Chuck” Severance currently is offering a free Python for Informatics: Exploring Information book & online materials to help you learn Python at PythonLearn.


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