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Running WordPress Locally

When you love what you play with, you play with what you love. I first used WordPress as a means for publishing historical research. The more I used it, the more enamoured I became with WordPress. Soon, I was using XAMPP to install a local copy of WP on my office PC for testing purposes. Eventually, I created a child theme, and even installed a Multisite version of WP on a USB stick, from some detailed online instructions.

After a couple of years, I was still using WP for a personal site and a technology site, but I had stopped exploring “behind the scenes”. About six months ago, I decided to re-install a local copy of WP for testing. It was then that I realized that I couldn’t find the old XAMPP and somehow was directed to BitNami for XAMPP. I also found after several tries that I had to follow the BitNami install instructions to the letter and couldn’t rely on the old way of doing things to successfully complete the task. But, I did get a working copy of WordPress on my local PC.

I installed various plugins and themes for testing.

Our IT department requires each of us to develop and maintain an updated Desk Manual for our areas of expertise and authority. I had only superficially thought of using WP as my desk manual, until recently, and then I started developing my desk manual via a local instance of WP running on my PC.

I have an Applications set of pages and sub-pages and on each I list contact info and processes that need to be repeated cyclically. I have a page for links to the various applications and programs I may use daily. I have started creating posting categories and post the various tasks for each app to it organizing by category. I have an Inventory section, which I have used on a previous site, but have not started to seriously develop on this local site. I also have the departmental phone list, which was removed from public access several months ago, but is still necessary to reference.

I have an Google Docs Embed plugin that works fine on non-local sites, but for some reason will not render an embedded document on the local site. I may or may not use a Calendar plugin, which will let me import several external .ics calendar feeds.

I’m not sure how I am going to provide access to the desk manual for my supervisor, but the local site is great for organizational purposes.


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