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QR Codes…

Every browser should have the ability to convert a page URL, any link on a page, or any selected text into a standard QR image on the fly.  One problem is coming up with a standard.  Microsoft wanted its own QR image, so it wasn’t going to offer a competing standard in its IE browser.

I installed a portable version of the Firefox browser on a USB stick, and added a QR plugin to it.  So, if I were giving a presentation anywhere, I could plug in my USB stick, use my Firefox browser, with my QR and other plugins, and create QR images on the fly to be projected on the screen/wall for my audience to snag.  I didn’t have to go through the hassle of creating each image and saving them somewhere.

I do not give many, or any presentations, and have not had the opportunity in a couple of years to use the browser installed on my USB stick.


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