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WordPress Plugins: WP Help for eportfolios

I has been a while since I “played” with WordPress.  Oh sure, I’ve used WordPress a lot, but haven’t really been searching for anything new.  I haven’t even had a copy of it installed on my office PC to tinker with.

A few days ago I went looking for an installer for XAMPP and WordPress (multisite).  It appears that XAMPP is on the way out and that Bitnami is the current source for easy to install open source applications, such as WP, Moodle, Drupal, etc.

The first time I installed WordPress with XAMPP it probably took about an hour.  But, having to do it repeatedly, and finding some really good instructions (several years ago), I managed to get the install time down to about 12 minutes, and that was for a Multisite version.  With XAMPP Lite (which hasn’t continued to be developed), I was also able to install Multisite WP on a USB stick.  Why you might ask?  Well, the first time, I probably didn’t have a good reason, but in a year or so, I was looking for a portable, organizational tool that could be used to take/organize and retrieve course notes, etc.  WordPress on a Stick was the “almost” perfect choice.  Perfect if you had enough PC skills to get a working copy on your Flash drive.

Think about it.  You could plug your stick into a PC, and open a browser (a portable version of Firefox, with a few useful plugins), go to the WP Admin interface and start typing notes for your class.  With a multisite instance, you could have plenty of sites for your various courses.  You could use a site for a single project, or a research proposal, etc.

An 8 or 16 GB USB drive would have plenty of room for Firefox, WP Multisite, and then you start adding text and images, and maybe even a few audio clips.  But, your videos are on the Web, and links point to Internet accessible content.

You didn’t have to pay for some proprietary app to accomplish this task.  All for free except for the Flash drive.

So, all that to get to the point of this Post Title, “WordPress Plugins: WP Help for eportfolios”

After I had installed WP on my PC, I went looking for the latest, best, WordPress plugins available… for free.  And here was one that caught my attention, “WP Help”.  You install the plugin and then you can start developing Help topics (using WP Posts) for your site.  The plugin appears to be sharp enough that you can create your Publishing Help section on one site, and other sites can “pull” from the Help content from that site.  *That’s nice!




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