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Teaching Naked…

By “teaching naked,”  José Bowen means removing technology from the classroom, but not from the course.   In essence, this is the “flipped classroom” where technology (the tool) is used to it’s advantage by delivering content, prior to and post “face to face” class sessions.  Dr. Bowen suggests removing announcements and content summaries from the F2F by sending emails with this content to his students, thereby saving precious F2F class time for discussion, etc.  He suggests that because of the proliferation of online content, and the Dr. Jose Bowendecreasing cost of delivering this content online, it will be necessary for higher ed residential institutions to distinguish themselves by “faculty interaction” (touches) with students.

Teaching Naked: How Moving Technology Out of Your College Classroom Will Improve Student Learning
by José Antonio Bowen (Passionate musician and educator Dr. Jose Bowen, Dean of the Meadows School for the Arts at SMU.)

TEDxLSU (17 minutes presentation by Dr. Jose Bowen – the gist);search%3Atag%3A%22tedxlsu%22

The book is written for dual audiences, faculty and administrators.

Book at
Teaching Naked book cover

***Keynote address and morning workshop by the author at the University of Southern Maine (recorded via Panopto – Oct. 2013)
Morning Keynote Presentation Recording (97 minutes, but full of info )

University Faculty Commons (University of Southern Maine) – Teaching Naked

NOTE:  I had missed the AppState Free-Learning Conference 2013 last year, but decided to review if any resources had been posted.  I saw that several sessions had been video recorded.  I reviewed a couple of these videos and was viewing one of these, “From Theory to Practice: Putting “Teaching Naked” Principles to Work in an Undergraduate Course” by Lisa McNeal, Appalachian State, when I started to google for Bowen and the Teaching Naked book.  This led me to the above info and resources.


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