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I am looking at Moodle again as a possible LMS, self-hosted.

I am amazed at how easy it is to test much of the Moodle functionality, as administrator, teacher, and student.  I have access to three instances of Moodle:  a TurnKey version (2.5x) running on a VM, a free instance running on (which surprisingly gives me admin, instructor and student access), and I’ve installed an instance running on my Windows 7 office PC (XAMMP).

I’ve just installed Moodle v2.6, using XAMMP (includes Apache, Moodle, PHP, and MySQL all setup and working) on my PC.  I’ve added several themes and plugins successfully.  It is much like WordPress, where you just unzip a package and move the root folder to the right Moodle subfolder (e.g. moodle/themes/…) .  Then when you click on the Notifications button, Moodle checks for new folders and allows you to upgrade/add the new functionality.

Here is the kicker.  I went to the instance and took a look at the installed themes and plugins, and they have most of the popular ones already added (currently about 99 of them).

We are going to have to get the LDAP and Banner Sychronization working before we even go into test mode (probably the spring), but once that is done, Moodle has some neat add-ons for faculty to play with (e.g. Attendance, Certificate, Checklist, and Podcast).  They will also probably enjoy implementing the Badges functionality in some of their courses.


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