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I was just reading an article in eCampus News entitled, “Obama’s shoutout highlights SNHU innovation”. President Obama is quoted as saying, “If you are learning the material faster, you can finish faster, which means you pay less.”

Here’s the problem I have with that reasoning. It’s not how fast you learn the material that should determine how much you pay, but how much time and effort is required by faculty and staff to credential your efforts. And, in reality, you should pay more for being able to finish faster since that places you at an advantage to more traditional means of education.

When I taught at a community college some years ago, I was reminded at the start of each quarter that I could not process a whole quarter’s content at the same level at any point within the quarter. I had to refresh my memory on selected content, present that content, test the level of student comprehension, and as that cycle repeated itself over the various concepts and terms during the quarter, had to begin refreshing my memory on the upcoming content as I was beginning to test on the current content.

If you step outside of the traditional higher educational model, then you have to place a higher cost upon those who credential student success.

Imagine what chaos would ensue if you had a single instructor that had to allow all their students to progress at whatever pace they were able. Quality has to suffer at some point. And, you have shifted the cost of education from the time & efforts of the less educated onto the time & efforts of the more educated. Faculty and graders have to respond at the pace of the “sprinters” in order for the students to receive proper feedback, so that they can continue at their rapid pace of learning.

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