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AWK to Samsung Galaxy S III via Bluetooth

This is my first post using my Apple Wireless Keyboard connected via Bluetooth to my Galaxy S III. Why oh why couldn’t HTC do this with the Hero or the EVO 4G that I had? It means that I can type fast enough to take notes while in class. I can take pictures of notes written on the board if necessary. I have a scan app which saves to a PDF document, or I can take a photo of handwritten notes and attach them to the posting.

This means that campus IT departments should be looking to provide a multi-device Bluetooth keyboard, and power connectors, in classrooms. Students could bring their devices, be they iPads or Android phones, etc. and hook up to the keyboards during class.



Above are a couple of photos that I took with the phone. There must be an anti-jiggle feature, because I couldn’t get a well focused pic of the classroom podium.

The attached PDF document was created with the CamScanner app.

Sent from my Galaxy S®III

New Doc 1.pdf


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