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Chromebook AND iPad Again!

When I first got my Samsung Chromebook, it was new enough that there weren’t any accessories, such as a carrying case, specifically for the Chromebook. I went to a local Office Depot (I think.), and found a Case Logic carrying case for it. About $25.

Both my Chromebook and my iPad can both fit, snuggly, in the same case, at the same time. Maybe a little heavy, but nice to have both, if needed. There is also another zipped pocket for my USB hard drive and a digital camera, and little tripod ($1 at Dollar Tree), and a pair of headphones.

Having both an iPad and a Chromebook provides you with alot of mobile computing capability.  I could view a video while taking notes, or blogging my reactions easily.  I could record video or take pictures with the iPad and push them to YouTube or Flickr, and then create a multi-media posting with text using my Chromebook to “easily” type a detailed article.

I bought this iPad to camera tripod connector from Amazon for about $15.

Here is the iPad connected to the camera tripod ready to take video from the classroom podium.

VRT in action:

The VRT does not work perfectly, but does a pretty good job.  You can paste in a good amount of dialogue (without having to memorize what you are about to say… I would suggest rehearsing a time or two so that you don’t stumble over difficult words or phrases.).


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