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Recording MP3 Audio from Your Chromebook

One of the first things I did with my Chromebook was to record several “straight to YouTube” videos. I was in my Civic, parked outside a library, using their free WIFI connection, on a holiday weekend. I had no problem recording the videos, except for when the Chromebook started to fall from the dashboard, and I had to catch it.

I wasn’t aware until a few days ago, when I was listening to a Cool Teachers’ Podcast that there wasn’t an audio recording app for the Chromebook. I went looking and found some online services, but then I came across the most amazing site. “Dennie Hoopingarner’s Technology Showcase” has several examples of his programming skills. The “Flex/Flash” MP3 Recorder is “perfect” for the Chromebook. “Recording and encoding to MP3 are all handled by the Flash file on the client,” so I’m guessing that the memory for the device you are using would be the limiting factor in how large an audio file you could record. *In my initial testing I recorded several short clips, but then did a 5 minutes & a 10 minutes clip. The recording went well. The playback was choppy, but the encoded product played without a problem, and I was able to save the clips to my Chromebook & Windows 7 PC. Since all the processing is on the client-side, there is no need to have a large storage capacity on the server side. It is just serving up some scripting and a Flash file. Once these are loaded on your device, the server goes on to another customer (at least that is how I think it works). **I’m thinking that serving this app from a web page would be useful for faculty & students who need to create short audio clips quickly & easily.

For the 10 minutes recording, it took about 6 minutes to encode it into the MP3 format. I have an Android phone with an MP3 recording app, and that takes about the same amount of time, so 10 minutes to record, and 6 minutes to produce the finished product, which is then saved to your device. *This app also has a “snip” function so that you can remove unwanted segments of your recording, before saving.

So Chrome OS doesn’t use Java, but it does Flash well. Apple doesn’t do Flash, so if you have a combination of iPads and Chromebooks, you’ll have to point them to different apps to create MP3 files.

I sent an email yesterday to Dennie Hoopingarner letting him know how powerful, and useful I thought his MP3 Recorder was, and that it was ideal for Chromebook users. I haven’t heard back from him yet, but hopefully he will work something out to make this app available on the Chrome Web Store (maybe under Educational Apps).

If you look around his web site, you’ll also notice a “Photo Taker” Flash app that also works on a Chromebook, and a Video Recording app.

Experiment #1: microphone to mp3 recorder with flash

Not sure who Jordan is, or if he is even interested/focused on this type of app any longer.  But, since there is a need in the Chromebook arena, someone should polish a Chrome plugin that would do this job, like it does.

What does it take to get an app on the Chrome Web Store?  Developer for Chrome Web Store link.


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