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Video Recording…

I usually like working in the Widows world, but I am currently playing with a Samsung Chromebook, and I have an iPad2. Not sure what triggered my interest in creating videos with my iPad, or Android phone, but I just took another look and this time there appears to be several “low cost” items to look at.

I’m not focused on the video editing software, but such things as an iPad “holder” that attaches to a standard tripod (I’ve got two tripods that are rarely used.), an iPhone/Android smartphone holder that attaches to a standard tripod, and a teleprompter app that works on an iPad/iPhone. *I don’t have an iPhone.

I just came across, and purchased ($2.99 Apple iTunes Store) an iPad/iPhone app called “Video Recording Teleprompter 2” which appears pretty slick in my initial testing. It’s exactly what I was looking for… a teleprompter that scrolls across your iPad screen while the video you are recording plays in the background, either in landscape or portrait modes.  I’ll embed an example that I post on YouTube later.

Here are three items that I have ordered from that I think will help me attach my iPad to my standard tripod and record my videos:

1 “Grifiti Nootle Ipad Tripod Mount (For 2, 3, and 4) with 1/4-20 Thread to Fit Any Standard Head You Already Use”  ( )
Personal Computers; $14.98
1 “Videosecu 1/4″ x 20 Threads Swivel Video Camera Mount 2-6 Inch Adjustable Universal Pan Tilt CCTV Camera Mounting Bracket with Ceiling Clip 1BO” ( )
Electronics; $6.99— I liked this “customer review” video which shows exactly what I want to do.  Put the iPad vertically on a tripod, so that I can record “hands free” video.  I don’t know if Apple has a slicker app which includes a teleprompter option with a video recording app… if not, then I would try the same setup as I do with my Chromebook & EasyPrompter.
1 “Case Star Cellphone Smartphone Tripod Mount Holder with Cellphone Bag for iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4G ,iPod Touch ,HTC ,Samsung ,BlackBerry – Black”  ( )
Wireless Phone Accessory; $7.99EasyPrompter (free online teleprompter app) my Chromebook, and good bandwidth, I can set up my script in EasyPrompter and then go to YouTube and prepare to Upload (Record Live to YouTube).  I start the YouTube recording, and then switch to the EasyPrompter screen and start it.  *Maybe YouTube should offer a teleprompter option from their online recording menu.

Video Lighting Basics


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