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Blackboard 9x: Manually Edit / Remove an Announcement

Pasting extraneous (bad HTML) coding can cause unexpected results in Blackboard. Some results include: buttons are hidden, editing function not available, the area beneath the offending coding does not render correctly, etc. Normally, an instructor may cause the problem by using “cut-n-paste” into a description or explanation field. If they are copying from MS Word, or perhaps a web page, they may get hidden coding which is understood in the original program, but not in the browser that is trying to display Blackboard content.

I have found that often, Firefox ignores bad coding and renders enough of a page to allow for editing/deleting when IE does not.

Also, it is often possible to paste the correct URL for editing or deleting content by creating the URL via copying from another announcement or similar item (that is working), and then modifying the URL to point to the particular announcement or item you are trying to change.

Extra Notes: Attached is an excerpt of an exact view of the View Frame Source screen containing the Announcement details needed.

Resolution (BB 9)

  1. View Source on the frame where the announcements modify/remove buttons should be.
  2. Look between the announcement title and contents for the hidden menu div. (See attached: hidden menu)
  3. Copy out the url from the Remove link’s javascript (see attached: javascript to remove).
  4. Paste after the school’s domain/ip in the browser’s URL bar.

Note: This trick also works with the modify button if you would rather edit out the malicious html instead of deleting the whole announcement. Announcements with problem titles may additionally require you to disable the visual text box editor for your account before visiting the page.


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