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Some useful WordPress embed codes & an HTML trick…


You want to use a single site to post all of your class notes, for all of your classes. You want to use email to type up the notes and publish to your WordPress site. You want your posts to be categorized by course ID and to be published as private, and you don’t want to have to type all of the category & status embed coding each time you type up a day’s notes.

First, you want to create a WordPress page on which you will create several “mailto” links. Each link will be for a specific course, and you will include the category (course ID) and status (Private) in your HTML mailto link. Here is how to do it… (with the warning that it may work when using some browsers, and some email programs, but probably not all combinations**):

<a href=”[category courseID][status private]”>courseID</a>

As a test, click on this link and see if it opens a compose email with the necessary info in the correct email regions (To and Body windows should have the default info included above.)

The above coding will open an compose email window, with the To: window filled in with the specialemailaddress . It will also put the category and status embed codes in the body of the email. All you have to do is start typing the rest of the content (your notes for the day). Once you are done, you can send the email. *The email will be published as a post to your site, and categorized by the courseID, and made private.

If the HTML mailto coding doesn’t work for the browser or email program you are using, it might be a case of fiddling with the syntax of the coding to get it to work correctly with your browser & email program… or it might just not work because.


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