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A Powerful Communications Tool

Why should you spend the time and effort to learn how to use WordPress?  It is a powerful communications tool which provides you access to the World via the Internet.  You can both create information (e.g. text, pictures, audio & video clips, and embed other interactive media into your posts & pages) using various tools (e.g. PC, iPad, Android phone, etc.), from various locations (e.g. dorm room, office, your automobile, etc.) at any time (e.g. in class, while eating lunch, sitting in bed, etc.) and deliver that content via all the various tools that you used to create the content (e.g. PC, iPad, Android phone, etc.).

A free WordPress site costs you… okay, “nothing”, but the time and energy you put into learning how to use the application effectively, and then content development time.

WordPress is a “Jack of All Trades” when it comes to communications.  It doesn’t matter whether you are using it for personal/private communication, or organization.  Or, if you are using it for social and interactive communication.

You can send an email from any device and it will create a posting on your WordPress site.  Attach a photo to illustrate what you have experienced.  Take a picture of notes on your classroom whiteboard and upload them while still in class to a “study group” site.  Distance no longer determines when or where, or even if you congregate to communicate.  If you have Internet access and a browser on your device, you can both create and view multimedia content on your site, and share that with whomever you like, wherever they are.


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