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Assorted Web 2.0 Tools That Might Be Helpful

QR Codes

There is a plugin for the Firefox browser called Mobile Barcoder.  Once installed, you can automatically generate a QR code for the current page, and/or any link on the page (right-click, generate code), or select text on the page and generate a QR code for the text.


You can add Mobile Barcoder to the Chrome browser also, but it only generates a QR code for the current page.




Ripping audio (mp3) from a YouTube video?  When I am driving around, and have low bandwidth, videos pause frequently on my iPad.  I was listening to some TED Talks and realized that for some presentations, the video wasn’t necessary,  just the audio.  So I googled for tools and found several (the one below is online) that would rip the audio from a video.  The mp3 audio file is much smaller than the video, and usually will stream or play even in low bandwidth areas.



I’ve installed portable versions of my favorite browsers on a USB (flash) drive.  I added the Mobile Barcoder plugin.  That way, I can plug my flash drive into a PC, laptop or presentation podium in class, open my browser, and push QR codes to my audience (students).  That’s even if my school doesn’t have Firefox or Chrome installed.


Firefox portable

Chrome portable


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