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WIFI Keyboard (Android app) & Logitech Revue

WIFI Keyboard (Android app) & Logitech Revue

12-29-2011 07:57 AM

The Logitech Revue system & keyboard works well with the free “WIFI Keyboard” Android app.  This app makes it possible to type with the Revue keyboard to your Android phone.  You install the app on your phone.  I have both an HTC EVO & Hero phone.  I enter the URL, that the app lists for the phone I am using, in the Revue Chrome browser window.  If the connection is established, I get the WIFI Keyboard menu with a “connected” message.  I can then type on my Revue keyboard and the keystrokes are sent to the program I am using on the phone.  This can be email, blogging, etc.  *I can also switch inputs, to let the Revue keep running in the background and watch TV, while I continue to type to the phone.


Android systems haven’t standardized on a Bluetooth keyboard driver, so it is still difficult to find a Bluetooth keyboard for my Android phones.  There has never been a reason, until now, for a keyboard to be assigned a unique IP address, but if it could, a program like WIFI Keyboard could access a specific keyboard.  This would mean that a student could use any smart phone and an IP keyboard.  **How about a smart interface that connects a keyboard to the network (like a network printer card).  You could use any standard keyboard hooked up to the internet via this interface.


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