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QR Code Bookmarklet for Chrome, Firefox & IE

I think that all browsers should include the capability to generate “on the fly” a QR image for the current page URL, any link on the page, and/or any selected text on the page. Firefox has a plugin (add-on) called “Mobile Barcoder” that does just that. But, what if you don’t want to use Firefox?

I came across this simple little script which can be used in a Bookmark or Favorite, depending upon whether you are using the Chrome, Firefox or IE browser. This script will only generate a QR code for the current web page that you are on:

[Paste the following script into the location window.]


QR-code bookmarklets (by Andrew Perry)

If you are giving a presentation and are projecting your browser contents to your audience, generating a QR image makes it easy to share the current page URL for those with a smart device and a QR code scanning app.


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