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VoiceThread Mobile App for iOS

voicethread logo

I was visiting the “Free Technology for Teachers” site yesterday and saw an entry that VoiceThread now had a mobile app for the iPhone & iPad. I downloaded it onto my 1st Gen iPad and started to use it. I LIKE IT! It is easy to pull images into your VTs from your iPad Albums. I used the record voice option and used my finger to illustrate or highlight items.

I did see that if you attempted to create a new presentation, even if you had one or two free spaces, the iPad app told you, you had to upgrade your account. I was using the free account that allows you to create up to 3 presentations, and I had deleted two of them to free up space to create one from the iPad. *I didn’t upgrade my account, but used my Logitech Revue system to visit the VoiceThread site and create two presentations (it did not ask me to upgrade my free account) that had one or two images on each. I surmised that they would act as “holding places” for presentations, and I could go back into the app on the iPad and add content to those presentations. That did work.

One of the images I uploaded must have been very high resolution, because it filled the entire iPad screen. I’m not sure if I could have drawn to the edges of the image, if necessary, but will try that shortly.


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