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Learning to Use WordPress Quickly

You need to learn how to use WordPress quickly, and you don’t have much time to spend on the process. What do you do? Well, register for the following “free” course at by clicking on the “Signup” link in the upper right corner of their site. Then signup for the following free course:

Exploring WordPress as a Mobile Communications Tool in Higher Ed

Each lecture is 5 minutes or less. They are actually narrated screen captures showing you how to perform some function within WordPress.

WordPress LogoNext, you will need to register for a free account at That’s so you can put the lessons to use in your own site, after you view each lecture. Click here to get started.

The registration takes about a minute and you need to provide just 4 bits of info:

  • The “username” you want to use to login to your site.
  • The “password” you want to use for this account.
  • The “email address” that will be used to send you your registration confirmation email.
  • The “blog address” for your first (maybe only) site.
    • All sites include “” at the end.
    • The “blog address” will be the leading part before the “”
      • The “blog address” has to be unique (not like anyone else’s). If you want to call it “gumby” so that your site will be “”, then enter “gumby” as your “blog address”. If the address, “gumby” is already taken, you might need to add an extra number or character to find a unique address. E.g. “gumby1”, or maybe “megumby”.


So, what might you learn, really quickly?

  • How to publish to your WordPress site using email.
  • How to create an audio post by calling a special phone number.
  • How to rip audio from a YouTube video.

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