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Providing “Audio Only”

As I rode around yesterday, I started to listen to a video podcast from the “Higher Ed Live” web site. At first, I started playing it on my iPad, plugging the audio jack from the iPad to play on my car stereo system, since even the comfortable Apple earpieces hurt a little. This worked fine until I noticed that the iPad was running low on battery life, and then I found that I had left the USB connector at home. So, I pulled up the video on my EVO 4G and plugged the audio jack into it. It wasn’t too long before the video started to stop intermittently, and then eventually stopped altogether. That’s what happens when you start to get fewer and fewer bars on your phone. The data in just can’t match the data out.

So, I thought, “It would be nice if I could rip the audio from a YouTube video for a much smaller file size of ‘audio only’.” I wasn’t sure there was such an app for that, but figured I wasn’t the first with that need. I also recalled that ODIOGO would work well to provide an audio transcription of the blog text.

Today, I sent an email to “HigherEdLive” and made the suggestions above, knowing that with Seth Odell’s move across country, it might be a long time before he had time to focus even a little attention upon this. I then googled for “ripping audio from YouTube” and found several entries, of which I chose the following:

I was really happy with the result. This service is free (with ads), online, and doesn’t even require an account creation. I entered a YouTube URL and the process began to chug away. When it was done, a download link appeared (with advertising). The “Standard Quality” (High) file was perfectly audible.

So, I would suggest if you are thinking about providing a mobile friendly version of your site, adding “audio only” alternatives to your text and video content could be useful.

— Addendum:

A week or so later, I am riding around Raleigh, and pull off to see if I can rip the audio, via my iPad.  It worked well on a couple of clips, but signal strength and file size were a problem in others.  Not sure, even if converted successfully, if a large audio file downloads completely.

The ClipConverter site also works very well.


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