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Reminder: WP for online notes.

I have a Pro account for Evernote and enjoy the OCR feature, for being able to search on text within uploaded images. However, a private site can be setup to allow posting via email & by phone call. You can use the "category" shortcode to direct your postings to one or more categories. Each category automatically gets an RSS feed, and the sites are "mobile device" friendly. I’ve used Swype on my Android phones, and although speedier than the "hunt-n-peck" on a tablet, not quite fast enough for class notes. The Apple Wireless Keyboard is what I need to type faster than I can write. If I had a Bluetooth keyboard that paired successfully with my Evo 4G, I could take notes, upload photos & mp3 audio (via attachments) only using my email program. *If WIFI or 3/4G isn’t available, the program will still allow me to create the emails, and then send them the next time I am connected. With a WP posting, I have much more control later on, for appending, embedding, or linking to extra content.


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