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WordPress on a Stick!

People put lots of things on sticks.  Corn dogs, smoores, ice cream, lollipops, etc.

Don’t be surprised when I suggest that putting WordPress on a stick, a USB stick, might be just as enjoyable as any of those mentioned above.

USB Flash Drive Wristband
USB Wristband

I came across the following article on the Web a year or so ago and thought, “Why would anyone want to put WordPress on a flash drive.”  Turn a Flash Drive Into a Portable Web Server  (from the web site).  The steps were well illustrated and in a short time, I had an instance of WP running from my portable drive.

Okay, now I’ve got it.  Now, what do I do with it?  I have a multi-site instance of WP running on one of our web servers, so I already had access to the “backend”, and was comfortable adding themes & plugins both from the GUI and folder levels.  Nothing new here, smores on a stickbut neat that you could do it.  Our network guys had the network locked down so that I couldn’t actually serve pages from my USB drive, so not much else to do.  Time passes…

MP3 Player | Voice Recorder | USB Flash Drive
mp3 player | voice recorder | USB stick

I read some articles on the use of OSTs (Open-Source Textbooks) in Higher Education, to reduce the costs to students.  I realized that companies already were delivering materials online, and others would come up with proprietary interfaces for delivering textbook materials to students.  But, the “cheap” part of me, ingrained in me that “free” is better, made me look to WordPress as a free means of developing and delivering textbook content.  The interface was easy to use, easy to learn to use, mobile friendly, easily copied between users and could easily incorporate various Web 2.0 tools in it’s pages.  So, I went looking for content that I could use for “proof of concept.”

lollipopsI came across an online OST created by Ron Hammond & Paul Cheney, called, “Intro to Sociology.”  I contacted Ron and asked if I could port his content over into the WP format.  He gave me the okay, as long as the content remained free.  *Don’t get lost in arguing the quality or merits of the product.  I was only trying to prove that it would be easy to deliver an OST using the WordPress interface.  Intro to Sociology in WP format.

It took about 4 hours to “copy-n-paste” the existing content over into WP.  It is not complete, but I think there is enough there to get the idea that WP makes a fine content delivery system.

USB Drive / Laser Pointer / Executive Pen
Executive Pen - USB Drive - Laser Pointer

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