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WordPress on a Stick!!

In my previous article regarding running WordPress from a flash drive, I only mentioned one possible use for a portable instance of WP and that was to use WP as an interface for a textbook. A single USB stick could hold all the textbook content, including images, and even mp3 audio if desired, for a semester. I don’t mean just one textbook, but ALL the textbooks which would be required in ALL of the courses for a semester. *Links could be made to large video or other multimedia files that exist on the Internet.

Portable WP as a Presentation Tool

Now that you have WP on a stick, why not use it as a presentation tool. Presentation tool? You mean, like PowerPoint? Yes, but more powerful than PowerPoint.

Pen | Laser Pointer | USB Stick
Pen | Laser Pointer | USB Stick

There are many plugins that you can add to your portable WordPress instance. These plugins provide additional functionality and some enable you to be able to create pages and embed various Web 2.0 tools such as Dipity, JING, Prezi, VoiceThread, YouTube, etc. into your pages.

So, you can plug your flash drive into a USB port, at a podium, start your instance of WordPress and Firefox, and deliver your presentation from your stick to your class or audience. Some of your content might be local, just on your USB drive, while there are links to other content that are on the Web.

Pen | Laser Pointer | USB Stick
Pen | Laser Pointer | USB Stick in Use

If there is a web link that you want to share, you can use the “Mobile Barcoder” plugin, within Firefox, to generate a QR image easily, and your audience can scan the QR code from their seats. *Presenter beware: The quality or intensity of the projected QR image may be better on some systems than others. Give it a test prior to the presentation.

Portable WP as an Organizational Tool

You have a multi-site instance of WordPress running on your flash drive.

  • You could create a site for each class you are taking, or create a site for each project or report on which you are working.
    • You can create notes and then add images, audio, or link to related video.
    • Recorded mp3 audio (from course lectures, or audio notes you make to yourself) can be played on various systems, even your car stereo if you have a USB port to it.
  • You might even want to copy Web content (where legal) onto your USB stick, in the event that that material is later unavailable (e.g. the Internet is “down” or the content has been removed by its author).

What about taking pictures of notes on the class whiteboard, or photos of handwritten notes or other documents and include them in your WP site on your portable drive? Scan and save PDF versions of documents and add them to your WP site.


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