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Posting My Class Notes via Email to WordPress

First of all, you need to be able to type as fast as you can write notes. For me, this requires the device I am using to have a full-sized keyboard. If I can connect a wireless Bluetooth keyboard to my iPad or my Android device, then I can type as fast as I can write.  You may be able to Swype as quickly, and can live without the external keyboard.

Wireless Keyboard, iPad & Android Phone
Wireless Keyboard, iPad & Android Phone

By posting my notes to a WP site those notes are available to me from any PC, laptop or other smart device, even mobile devices.

I can make my WP site “private” so that only I, or selected users (up to 35 for the free WP sites) that I choose can have access to it.

I can create a WP posting via email.

I can assign my email posting to one or more categories.

An RSS feed is automatically created for each WP category. So, if you create a category for each course you are taking, you can assign your notes to the category for a specific course and use a single WP site to organize all the notes you take for all your courses.

I can make my email posting private, or send it as a draft (non-published).

If my email allows me to attach photos, I can include both text and images in my notes.

If I have a smart device that can take pictures, with permission, I can take photos of class notes that are on the whiteboard, or I can scan documents to be attached to my online notes.

The free sites currently allow you to create an Audio Post by calling a special number, entering a unique key code, and starting to talk. When you hang up the phone, WP automatically creates an Audio Post with a simple mp3 audio player that plays whatever you have recorded.

If my device is not connected to the Internet, I should still be able to create emails that will later be sent, when I once again am connected to the Web, by WIFI or perhaps 3G/4G.

If I have an outline in advance, I can create a post for each heading, (putting the heading as the Subject of my email) type my notes for that heading, and later use the outline as an Index or Table of Contents to connect to each posting.



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