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Apple is Creative at Making it Not Work…

So I came across a blog posting that said you could connect more than just a camera to your iPad using the Camera Connection Kit. I thought that if I could find a “female to female” USB adapter, that I could just use the power cable that came with the iPad, but later came across a posting that said there was something that made this not work.

So, I bought the connector kit for $32 (incl. tax) and hooked it up. The camera, worked fine. I moved a couple of pictures over into the iPad. I took a short video, and it ported over as well. I hooked a USB webcam to it and got an error message that said the device was drawing too much power and would not work.

When I got to the office the next morning, I hooked up the USB Apple keyboard and mouse and got the same “power consumption” error message. I tried a USB stick, and nope, it didn’t work either.

So, I googled and found that Apple had dumbed down the non-documented possibilities of the camera connector kit, by reducing the power consumption value that was allowed on the USB connection, and included this in an iOS update. “How nice of them.”

Okay, these unintended uses of the kit do increase the power consumption on the iPad, but damn, am I not adult enough to make that decision for myself? If I want to hook up a USB keyboard that I already have, do I need some creative programmer to block my access, stop something that worked just fine, just so I have to buy another attachment?

I need someone to create a Bluetooth keyboard that will work with my Android phone.


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