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Hack College – Evernote Search

A little over a week ago, I came across the Hack College blog site. The articles and videos appeared to be well done, and were produced by, and for, young college-aged students. Techie calls to techie, no matter what age, but me being the elder-techie. Their goal was to influence perhaps 1% of young collegians along the path which they see as beneficial.

There was mention of one feature of Evernote, and that being it’s search capabilities for text within images and PDF files. I thought, “Interesting,” and pursued what they might be saying. The free version of Evernote having been sitting idly by, for many months on my iPad.

I installed the Evernote Android app on my phone and started reading their site docs and googling for other insights.

I upped my “free” Evernote account to a one-year paid “Premium” subscription, which cost $45. It’s not the organizational capabilities, or sharing items across the Cloud to various devices (PC, iPad, Android phone, etc.) that is impressive, but the search capabilities that the program provides for uploaded PDF documents or images that include text. “What,” you say.

Upload a PDF document and within a very short time, you can use the Evernote search function to find a word (not a phrase) across one or more notes. Upload an image that includes text, and the Evernote Search will use OCR to index words that are included in that image. I have found an instance where Evernote found the word when it was in regular text, when italicized, and when in all caps, all in the same document.

Below are a series of images showing how the Evernote search found the name “Highlander” in a couple of note images:

I enter the search word to be applied to “All Notebooks”.

Below, the Evernote search finds two note images, and a PDF document that apparently include the text “Highlander”.

Below, I see the name “HIGHLANDER” highlighted in yellow. The original image was from a poor photocopy.

I next select an image note, which included scanned articles from old newspapers and Evernote found multiple instances of the search word.

Sometimes Evernote will highlight the search word in a PDF document and sometimes it doesn’t. I think it does this depending upon when it is a one page PDF file vs. a multi page document.


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