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7 Things You Should Know About…

7 Things You Should Know About…

Many years ago, when I was teaching an “Introduction to the PC” course, at a small community college, I came up with the idea to provide a one page document, both front & back, on various PC concepts. I called it, “What I Should Know” about… and it became my WISK for various things.

It is not easy to condense some ideas down to two pages and often it became a challenge to determine which important items to leave out, in order to meet the page(s) restriction.

About six months ago, I came across a similar resource on the EDUCAUSE web site called, “7 things you should know about… VoiceThread.” It was a two-page PDF file. I downloaded the document, read through it, and have since used it at various times when I needed a small PDF document as an illustration. Even incorporating it into a Prezi presentation to illustrate how to add & view it from there.

This morning, I was looking at various Instructional Technology Conference sites on the Web and perusing the assorted topics that were being, or were to be, offered during these events. One session was regarding “Open-Ended Response Systems,” and there was a link to a “7 Things You Should Know… Open-Ended Response Systems” on the EDUCAUSE site. I downloaded it and scanned through it.

Google Moderator is a free open-ended response system. IdeaScale has a free component and a paid alternative. Both are easy to set up and use. Ideas or questions can be submitted and voted upon.

I suppose that you could include VoiceThread as an open-ended response system, without the voting component. It allows for an image to be posted and multiple viewers to leave a text, audio or video comment.


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