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e-Textbooks in Academia

An entire semester’s worth of textbook content can fit on a USB stick.  That’s not just one textbook, but all the books that a student would need for the semester.

Reading in the Dark Ages – It’s 2011 already. What’s the holdup with e-readers designed for the needs of academia? (p.4 Editorial Comment) (Campus Technology – March 2011)

Therese Mageau, the Editorial Director of CT Magazine, expresses her frustration that in the year 2011 the academic community isn’t embracing electronic readers. Are your students still perusing reams of stapled, Xerox copied articles?

Can Tech Transcend the Textbook? (Campus Technology – March 2011)

John K. Waters explores why the use of e-textbooks is lagging behind the e-book market.

From Blog Text to ODIOGO to USB to My Auto

I explore the process of going from blog text to playing audio course content on my car’s stereo system. And, can you actually fit a whole semester’s worth of textbooks on a USB stick?

A USB Drive/Laser Pointer/Ink Pen (all-in-one)

Campus Technology (March 2011 Edition)

I like the monthly higher-ed technology articles in this online magazine. I also like the easy to use, online interface by which you can view the magazine.


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