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From Blog Text to ODIOGO to USB to My Auto


From Blog Text to ODIOGO to USB to My Auto

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I would consider the first chapter of “Freya of the Seven Isles” by Joseph Conrad as a sizeable amount of text for a blog posting. Imagine being able to post a text item quickly and then have an audio version of the posting available in a matter of minutes.

Although I have ODIOGO setup on this WordPress blog site, the mp3 transcription of my text is not saved locally. This file resides on a ODIOGO server. However, I have the option to download the mp3 file (to my phone, PC, laptop, Flash drive or via iTunes to an iPod or iPhone) and from there I can play the file in a number of different ways or configurations.

USB Cable or Flash Drive

If you have followed my personal blog, you may recall early on that I wrote about buying $1 USB cables from Dollar Tree and using them for transferring image files from my Cannon camera to my PC or laptop. This cable has a regular USB connector on one end and a mini-USB connector on the other end. When I started playing with my HTC Hero (Android) phone, I found that this same cable could be used to charge my phone, connect as a data cable between phone and PC, and tether a PC/laptop to the Internet via the phone’s 3G connection.

Well, here is yet another use. I recently bought a new car. I am going from a blue & silver 2002 Dodge RAM 1500 truck to a white 2011 Honda Civic. The Civic has a 6-speaker stereo system (and a sun roof). It also has a mini-audio jack and a USB connector. So, I can take the $1 USB cable and hook my phone up to my car stereo system. The system is simple. I can channel through the various folders on my phone and play any mp3 files that the system finds. Plugging in a USB Flash drive gives me the same access to any folders on the drive and any mp3 files.

4GB USB Flash Drive w/ Multisite WordPress
4GB USB Flash Drive w/ Multisite WordPress

Have I mentioned that I’ve been playing with running a multi-site instance of WordPress off of a USB Flash drive, with one purpose being to host Open Source Textbooks (one book for each site)? Recall that not all content (especially audio & video content) needs to be stored locally. As long as the Flash Drive can be hooked up to a laptop or PC that has Internet access, the “large” media files can be stored “in the Cloud.” But, here is where storing the audio files locally, in the WordPress site, on the Flash drive could be useful.

USB Flash Drive Wristband
USB Flash Drive Wristband


You don’t even have to create special folders for the audio mp3 files. You just need to name the files appropriately so that it is easy to determine their content. You add the audio files, as you normally would, to the WordPress site and let WordPress put them where it chooses. You will still be able to plug the Flash drive into your car stereo and find the mp3 files for playing as you spend time in your automobile.

While at lunch today, I used the HIFICORDER app on my phone to record a mp3. I didn’t even have to turn my phone on, once I got back to my car. I plugged the phone back into the USB port and turned on the radio and selected the AUX à USB connection. The folders on the phone became visible and I panned through and found the audio I had recorded during lunch.

You could use your Voice Recorder (if it saves files in mp3 format), Cool Teacher podcast from my iPad to car stereo system via USByour smartphone’s storage (any mp3 files), or as shown here, I’ve attached my iPad via USB and the car stereo system sees it as an “ipod” and has the iTunes folders and mp3 files I’ve downloaded… including some “Cool Teacher” podcasts.  I’ve also got a copy of Treasure Island (which I may have converted from the free online text).

NOTE: I know you can connect a Kindle Reader to your PC/laptop in order to download mp3 files to the Reader. My guess is that you could connect the Kindle to the car’s USB connector and play the mp3s from it also.

MP3 Player | Voice Recorder | USB Flash Drive
MP3 Player | Voice Recorder | USB Flash Drive

*Image of student in bathing suit (male or female) with a USB Flash drive on a lanyard around their neck. This replacing a load of textbooks or backpack filled with textbooks. Other ideas for portable flash drives.

USB Drive / Laser Pointer / Executive Pen
USB Drive / Laser Pointer / Executive Pen

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