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Prezi Presentations

The Steamer WILMINGTON (a Prezi presentation)

Prezi is a neat alternative to a PowerPoint presentation.  Some people do not like the motion that is generated as you travel the information path of a Prezi presentation, but I think it makes things interesting.

I think of Prezi as a giant dinner napkin upon which you can develop and present conceptual ideas.  I also like the idea that a Prezi presentation is excellent for study purposes.  A student could start the autoplay function of a presentation and review content, stopping at certain areas for review or deeper reading.

You can easily embed a YouTube video in a Prezi presentation, and you can also import a multi-page PDF.  By being able to import a PDF document, you can provide deeper reading at various points during the presentation, but leave these pages outside of the presentation “path”.  Just place an icon which lets your students know that there are additional readings or resources if they stop the presentation here.

I think the interface has a low learning curve.  It is different from anything else I have seen to this point, but the interface is intuitive.  In fact, I would think that the “Zebra” menu, which makes it easy to move, rotate, or resize an object quickly, would eventually be used by other programs.

Also, the “Bubble” Menu is highly intuitive for presentation editing.  Adding files, framing (grouping) content, creating a presentation path are all easy tasks.

Prezi App for iPad… Disappointing!

I received an email from Prezi notifying me (hey, they sent it out to bunches of people) that there was a new iPad app for Prezi.  I was really looking forward to seeing this neat presentation app working on the iPad, but soon came real disappointment.  *There doesn’t appear to be any automated viewing of the presentation.  You have to click on the next item button to parse through the presentation.  This is just a viewer app for Prezi, but can’t create them on the iPad (yet).  And, then came two really big disappointments:  My embedded YouTube videos didn’t show up, let alone play in the app.  And, my embedded PDF documents (the pages are converted to SWF files [Flash]) were useless “can’t play this” icons.

Boy, Prezi should just throw this app away and wait for Apple to start supporting Flash.  By the time you take away the videos & PDF pages, you’ve got a really dummed down, ho-iPad-hum presentation.  *The Prezi programmers shouldn’t waste their time.


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