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EasyPrompter – Online Teleprompter Service

I use a 30″ Westinghouse TV for one of my office monitors.  Here is a case where the large screen comes in handy.  I opened the EasyPrompter teleprompter in my browser and pasted in my text.  I then went to the Start Prompter screen.

Then I placed my video camera in front of the 30″ monitor.  There was some re-adjustment necessary, so that it would become less obvious that I was reading instead of just talking impromptu.  I moved the video recording menu to a separate monitor, and then I started my video camera.  I then clicked the play button on the EasyPrompter screen and started to read the text. 

Here is a short example of using the free online teleprompter service.

And here is the finished YouTube video:

Note: See “Cool Teachers” Podcast, Episode #36 4m11s, for Closed Captioning for YouTube info.  Very easy to upload text transcript and let YouTube determine the timings.

Note: An alternative, but not quite as slick is CuePrompter:


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