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ODIOGO Blog to Speech



… transforms blog posts into high fidelity, near human quality audio files ready to download and play anywhere, anytime, on any device. *This works for WordPress blogs. I’m not sure about other blogging apps.

I mentioned in an earlier posting Text to Speech Conversion how I used a “text to speech” app called NaturalReader to create an audio (mp3) version of some of my blog postings. The translations were not always perfect, but close. With a “slick” Javascript mp3 player embedded in your posting, playing the audio became transparent. And, viewing/listening on a mobile device was easy.

The manual conversion process was relatively painless and quick, but I’ve just found something that makes the process even less painful and quicker. ODIOGO currently provides a free service that will generate an mp3 audio version of your blog postings, behind the scenes, and add a Javascript mp3 player to your postings for easy play.

You create an account, providing your blog feed URL. From this an unique Odiogo Feed ID is generated. You then download the Odiogo plugin for WordPress and place the extracted folder and files into the WordPress plugins folder. *You may need to use FTP for this. Odiogo provides detailed instructions for this process. Then you go into the Plugins section for your WordPress site and activate Odiogo, add the Feed ID, and you’re pretty much “in business.”

The Odiogo mp3 Javascript player is shown below, from the desktop and on a mobile device.


Above, is the clean look of the WPTOUCH mobile theme, and the Odiogo Javascript player as it is playing the audio version of the posted text. The audio was clear. There is even an option to download the mp3 file to your system.


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