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WPTOUCH Mobile WordPress Plugin

WPTOUCH Mobile WordPress Plugin

Adding the WPTOUCH Mobile Plugin to your WordPress site, and activating it, makes your site mobile device friendly. There are many options in the free version, but I see that there is a Pro version for about $29 for one site, with other options. If we get serious about using WordPress then I will look closer at the paid version of this plugin.

I downloaded the plugin install file from the site above and then went through the simple Add Plugin à Upload process which completed successfully in about 10 seconds. I then activated the plugin for a site and took a quick look at the settings for the plugin.

I then scannected (scanned the QR image created by the Firefox addon, Mobile Barcoder, into my phone) the URL for the site from the QR code. The site pulled up in the mobile version.


Below, the FSU News WordPress Site as it appears on the Desktop:

Below: The site as it appears in the HTC Hero browser. Note that even the Flash clock works.

Above: The Mobile Theme is currently off.


Below: The WPTOUCH Mobile Theme has been turned on.

Below: The mobile version of the FSU News site.

Above: Easily listing the site Categories, with the number of postings listed beside each.

Below: The latest postings under the Daily Announcements in landscape mode.

Below: Switching the listing to portrait mode.


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