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Using QR Images to Link Books to Online Notes

Using QR Images to Link Books to Online Notes

I’m not sure where I am going with this, but since mobile education is in it’s infancy and flux, let’s throw some things out and see what floats:

I can provide media rich notes and connections by placing my notes online. Since I like to use WordPress, I know that with a little tweaking, I can easily add audio & images, embed video, and link to other Internet resources easily along with my notes regarding the book I am reading. What the book publisher has left out, either by choice or necessity, or just because there is a time lag between compilation/writing, and the publishing & delivery processes, I can append, modify or delete via my online notes.

So, what is the unique identifier for a book? I’m hoping it proves to be the ISBNumber. I can create a WordPress posting and use the ISBN as the post title. At the top of the posted page, I can add the book title, author(s), etc. Then I am left to add notes, link to other resources, and/or to a discussion area for the book’s ideas . This is where there can be some divergence. The page could be just my notes. I create it. I control it. But, an instructor or group of instructors could create a central site for discussion, or additional info. A book publisher could create a site for the book. Thereby allowing individuals, instructors, institutions or groups of institutions to share ideas generated from those ideas in the book. A “jumping off” or “jumping on” place.

Below, I am creating a posting for a book using MS Word and it’s blog publishing feature:

Generate your QR image including the book title and a URL to the posted page created above:

Put some glue on the back of the QR image:

And, paste that image in your book:

Then, it’s a simple process to scan & connect (scannect):

[Okay, so it’s a different book, but same principle;-]

If the publisher has created an audio version of the book, I’m able to click on the chapter link and have the book read to me as I’m travelling.  *We are looking at snagging educational moments in the “tween” times.

If the instructor has recorded their class sessions, or has commentary regarding a chapter or module, we click on that and listen “on the go.”


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