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Mobile Learning: Transforming the Delivery of Education and Training (Au Press) [Paperback][eBook]

Mohamed Ally (Editor) [bio]


  • Foreword by Terry Anderson [bio]


Chapter 1 – Current State of Mobile Learning

  • Introduction – “Just-in-time learning encourages high level learning since learners access and apply the information right away rather than learn the information and then apply the information at a later time.”  With mobile technology, Rousseau’s “teachable moments,” are always in the ‘now.’ 
  • “This will benefit communities in such places since students and workers will not have to leave their families and jobs to go to a different location to learn or to access information.”  Look at this YouTube video from about minute 2:27 (the original VHS video from 1984, when I was living & working at S.I.F.A.T. in Alabama).  This is a microfiche system for teaching people living in underdeveloped countries, technologies that could help them live better.  It had to be taken to them physically and was battery operated.  We had several people living there who had come from these areas for training.
  • 6th International Workshop on Mobile and Ubiquitous Learning Environments (MULE 2009)
  •  Book Organization:
    • Part One: Advances in mobile learning
    • Part Two: Research in mobile learning
    • Part Three: Applications of mobile learning
  • Emerging categories of mobile learning [pp12,13]:
    • Technology-driven mobile learning
    • Miniature but portable e-learning
    • Connected classroom learning
    • Informal, personalized, situated mobile learning
    • Mobile training/performance support
    • Remote/rural/development mobile learning
  • Excerpt from Mobile Learning… [mp3 audio]

Chapter 2 – A Model for Framing Mobile Learning



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