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Blackboard: Copy-n-Paste from MS Word

You should add an intermediary step when using “copy-n-paste” to transfer text from a MS Word document into Blackboard.  Copy your text in Word and then paste it into Windows Notepad.  Then copy the text from Notepad and paste it into Blackboard. *This middle step cleans up any “hidden” codes that Word uses to format text, and that can cause problems if pasted into Blackboard.

Problems that extraneous coding can cause:

  • If you paste hidden MS Word coding into a test question in Blackboard, it can cause the test to freeze for students using the IE browser.  The Firefox browser ignores these extra codes.
  • Pasting hidden MS Word coding into the Instructions window of an Assignment can prevent users from uploading their assignment files when using the IE browser.  Firefox appears to ignore these extra hidden Word codes.

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