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QR Calendar Events

How to easily get printed calendar event info into my smart phone and add it to my Outlook Calendar.

Sure, I could open my calendar and add an event, entering each piece of data such as date, time, location, phone, etc. But someone has invented the microwave oven, and I don’t have to cook my mac-n-cheese on the stove top anymore.

The intermediary step is for someone (the webmaster) to convert the event data into a QR Code Image, and then I can use a free barcode scanner on my smart phone to suck that info in and add it to my calendar with the click of a button. (Android Market has several free QR barcode reader apps. I like Barcode Scanner because of it’s simplicity, and it works.)

Once the event has been added to my calendar, I can call the number for more info, or click on the map function to either see where the venue is located or get navigation from where I am to there.

Check the following Flickr image set to see some of the steps for this process.

Notes to the webmaster:

If you have your calendar event data in a spreadsheet or database, it should be easy to write a macro to output that data into a web page with event items listed and, a link for each event, that will produce a QR image. For the less technical, you should be able in a spreadsheet to “concantenate” the individual items (e.g. date, time, location, phone number, etc.) and generate the link coding (pointing to Google Charts) that would create the QR images “on the fly.” *See the QR Code Generator site at Zebra Crossing which creates an image and also provides the URL source.

The Firefox browser currently has a free addon called, Mobile Barcoder, which will automatically generate a QR image representing the current page URL. It also adds a “right-click” mouse option so that you can point to any link on a web page and generate a QR image for that link. This makes it very easy from the standpoint of the webmaster/developer.


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