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Air Video – Watch your videos anywhere!


I was looking through the following list of free iPad apps and installed several.

Coolest List of Best iPad Apps For Free Download When I came to #2 (it was a countdown), it said, “Air Video – Watch your videos anywhere!” This is a pretty slick app in how easy it was to setup and get working, and how well it worked on my iPad.

You install the free app, which appears to limit you to listing only 3 videos at a time. You also install, in my case, a free Air Video Server app on your PC and in setup you add one or more folders where you are going to place your videos. Not sure of all the formats that can be used, but I’ve already tried MP4 and FLV and they streamed fine.

You get your PCs IP address (IPCONFIG) and add that to the setup in the iPad app. Voila! I saw the video clip in the list on my iPad. I clicked on it and then “Play” and boy, it was streaming flawlessly, not a hiccup.

I wish I had a DVD to see if it would stream that. Even if it won’t, this is a really slick app.


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