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HTC Quietly Brilliant?

HTC Quietly Brilliant? When Apple can offer a $69 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard that hooks up to it’s iPad and Android can’t offer a comparable Bluetooth connection… there’s a reason to be quiet… but because you’re brilliant, I think not!  “Idiot Savant” maybe.

Some time ago, I wrote a brief article called “iPad Ho Hum”. It pointed out several of the deficiencies that the WIFI iPad had, if it was going to be useful in my world.

Android needs to get on the ball, PDQ, and come up with a standard for Bluetooth connectivity, especially making it super simple to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to their mobile devices. You can’t imagine how frustrating it is to find that there is NO keyboard “out there” than can connect to my HTC Hero so that I can actually use it for detailed emails, document creation and serious blogging.

When I think of the EVO TV commercial where all the inventions are falling over and knocking each other down, like dominoes, and realize that they should add a Bluetooth keyboard that doesn’t fall over.

It’s like creating a really neat sports car that even flies and goes underwater and outer space, but forgetting to add a start button;-)


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