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Creating Mobile Content Easily


Creating Mobile Content Easily (Jing/Screencast presentation)

Creating a QR Code Image for a Web Page URL (Jing/Screencast presentation)

Use a QR Code Image to easily disseminate “contact info”, a “calendar event”, URL, phone number, etc. to smart devices. (Smartphone needs a camera, free barcode reader app, and Internet access.) Post QR Code image to a web page, printed handout or poster, or via a projected PowerPoint presentation.

NaturalReader (text to speech software)

Convert large amounts of text into audio files (great for policy documents) quickly and save as WAVs or MP3s.

HIFICORDER (Android Audio to MPEG Application)

Free demo version and $10 pro version at Android Market. Can create mp3 audio files using your Android phone and then email them to your WordPress site.

Get a free (3 GB) account to create one or more blog sites.

Post (podcast) via email, phone, publish via MS Word 2007 and/or WordPress interface. *Wordpress is currently beta testing (for free) a phone to post service. You call a number, enter a key and start talking. Your audio is recorded and entered as a WordPress blog posting after you hang up the phone.


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