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Text to Speech Conversion


Several years ago I started doing historical research in which I transcribed hundreds of old newspaper articles. At some point, I came across the NaturalReader application which converts text into audio and can save that in either WAV or MPEG formats.

For those that learn best auditorially, this is an easy way to convert large amounts of typed text into MP3 files so that you can post them to your web site. *We have also converted large amounts of policy statements into MP3 files quickly. Using a text to speech conversion app saves the time of rehearsing a reading. Although the conversion may not be perfect, it is “close enough” for most instances.

Here is an example of some text that I pasted into the NaturalReader app and converted to this MP3.

— [Text to Copy to NaturalReader for Conversion.]

I liked my work in the Drug Store, and spent most of my time in reading and informing myself about the qualities of drugs. A sad disaster to Mr. Erambert brought upon me the full work of the establishment. It seems that a number of Chapel Hill students collected in the store on Saturday night after I had started home. The young men were in various degrees of intoxication. Mr. Erambert was at the dispensing scales cleaning his pistol. Some words ensued between a young man named “Pink” Shelly and he fired shooting Jack Costin in the fleshy part of his buttock. Mr. E. by this time had his pistol loaded. He went to the front door, pistol in hand, and he and Shelly must have shot at the same time, and Mr. E. fell to the pavement with his thigh broken. I heard firing and returned to the store and found matters in great disorder. The wounded were carried home, Mr. E. to be confined for six months. This left me in the possession of the business, and as I had no experience as a drug merchant, and as Mr. E. was too sick to talk business, I was in trouble. I had to go to the store after breakfast and stay until 9 o’clock at night, closely confined.

Steps to convert text into an audio mpeg file using NaturalReader: [Jing/Screencast]

Several examples of converted articles posted to a WordPress site which has a simple Javascript mp3 player [Note the QR Code which makes it easy to import this article to a smartdevice and then listen & read the article from there.]:

Two Boats of A. G. Black, Master Carpenter


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