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Using QR Codes to Disseminate Info

*As hyped as I became regarding QR Codes, and how they might be used, it is obvious that there is some “resistance” to using them.  I see enthusiastic postings from several years ago, and I recognize the same enthusiasm that was in me.  But, to realize that nothing has happened for more than two years makes one wonder if or when the “tipping point” might be for their burgeoning upon the American marketing landscape. -bg2

We have an informational publication, “FS&U Magazine” which comes out several times a year. Imagine if you could add a link from the physical publication to additional information on the Web. Just add a QR Code to the magazine and someone with a mobile device and a bar code scanning app can easily connect from the physical to your Internet presence. And, that includes links to web pages, discussion areas, social media sites, or contact info to make it easier to call or email you. Or even add an Calendar Event easily just by scanning a QR Code.

You could add a QR Code with your contact info beside your office door to make it easy for a student to add you to their Contact List, or call or email you. Below is an example. I created the image from a free online code generator, and printed it and then pasted it on my office door.

Then I tested it and the scan worked perfectly on my phone. Note the various options below.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the ticketing (e.g. FootPrints) or inventory system you were using had a scanning app that would read a QR Code and direct you to whatever item it equals?

Although you can add QR Codes to physical objects (for inventory purposes, or a link from a promotional pamphlet), these images can also be added to a web page or to a TV commercial. I created the QR Code and appended it to an online announcement of an upcoming event. Instead of a person having to re-type the pertinent info into their calendar, they can just scan and add the Calendar Event.  

 [ Actual web posting: ]

Here is the code in a larger, scannable size:

Another idea might be to add these codes to television commercials, or if you have a campus information system that pushes image stills across a video network, you could append a QR Code for each announcement that could link viewers to additional info or contacts.  [YouTube Video with QR Codes – Created via USTREAM.]

How about adding a link to our campus map from a QR Code posted beside a “Call Box”?


Post a code in an informational area of the Library Lobby (or on the door) for contact or web site info.


Put a QR Code beside each art work in a museum for easy access to additional info (text, audio or video).

These are just a few of the ways these codes could be useful.  So, why not try creating one yourself?  Here is a free online site: 

QR Code Generator

P.S.  More ideas:

  • If you are giving a PowerPoint presentation to a large group, why not use a QR Code image to share Contact Info, a Calendar Event and/or URL to presentation resources? 
  • If you are organizing a multi-session conference where participants choose which sessions they wish to attend, you could place a QR Code image which had Calendar Event info beside each session description.  A participant could scan the image and then add that event to Outlook.

Ideas added to post July 25, 2010:

  • Use QR Codes in Political Mailouts, etc. to provide contact info and calendar event info easily.
  • Walmart should have an app (especially for Android) that would read the barcodes for all the items in their stores and would provide pricing (using GPS or some other means to determine which store the customer is currently in) or a link to more info from a web address.  The app could also allow a customer to read a barcode for an item from a promotional flyer and add that item to a list.  You could set the app up to notify the customer the next time they are in a Walmart (determined via GPS, or some other means?).

[“QR Code Uses“, a Prezi presentation.


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