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Using Email to Create WordPress Postings

I chose for my first posting to the Web Tools site, to use email to create this post. This is an option that you can “turn on” for your site by going to the “My Blogs” section under your “Dashboard” and having WordPress generate an email address. You can create a posting from any device that you can use to create and send emails. Normally, this has been a PC or laptop, but now with “smartphones”, you are able to post to WordPress directly from your phone.

Creating a text posting entirely on your smartphone would be tedious, but what if you could record a message from your phone and post it as an “audio podcast” to your WordPress site? Well, this is already possible. Visit the following link to hear the short audio podcast that was created entirely on an Android smartphone (HTC Hero) while I was on my way to lunch (Created & posted within about 10 minutes total, while I was “still on the road.”)

You can hear my turn signal clicking as I am recording my message at the traffic light. The audio was converted to an mp3 (audio) file by a free app that I downloaded from the Android “Market” and directly installed on the phone. The app, “HIFICODER” has a free version which limits recordings to only 20 seconds. The paid version of the program is about $10, and provides unlimited recording time. However, recording time may be limited by the amount of drive storage you have on the phone you are using. The app has an option to “Share”, as many of the apps do, and via email is one choice. I just pasted the email address for posting to the WordPress site and sent the email to WordPress.

Now, a 20 second audio podcast isn’t that useful, but if you have a lengthy commute and a Bluetooth headset for your phone, you might just see how easy it is to be driving down the road expounding your vast knowledge into an audio podcast and posting it before you arrive at your destination. Audio podcasting while you are “on the road” may or may not be as dangerous as “texting”… but for most of the time you are “hands free.”


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