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Audio Podcasting to

Here are some “practical” notes regarding creating audio podcasts and posting them to your WordPress site:

* is VERY generous in providing a free 3 GB user account.  However, two of the limitations of using the totally free site are that you cannot upload either mp3 (audio) or mp4 (video) files to the free site.  Images, yes, videos, no.  So, to post audio podcasts to your WordPress site, it requires you to at least pay for the minimum site upgrade (an additional 5 GB of space currently costing about $20 a year).  Payment of this fee online, almost immediately, grants you the ability to start uploading audio files to your site.  *There is an additional charge for being able to upload video to the site.

Android LogoI have only found one Android app, HIFICORDER, that currently will compress your recordings into mp3 format (an industry standard, small file size format).  I have yet to purchase and test out the paid version… and see how long a recording my smartphone will allow (limited by drive space on the phone).

AUDACITY is the free audio creation and manipulation tool, which has been widely used for several years.  You can download and Bill starting to record an audio file using Audacity.install it to your PC or laptop and with a microphone, start creating mp3 audio files.  Once you have your mp3 file for your podcast created, you can either use email to post it to your WordPress site (after you’ve purchased the minimum upgrade to the free site), or login to the site and use the WordPress Dashboard interface to upload your mp3 and create your posting.

I used JING, a free utility from TechSmith, the creators of Camtasia and Snagit, to screen capture my use of Audacity to create the mp3 audio file, which I then posted via email creating this audio podcast.


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